Even when you are sure about your decision to not use drugs, it can be hard when it’s your friend who is offering. A lot of times, a simple “no thanks” may be enough.

But sometimes it’s not. It can get intense, especially if the people who want you to join in on a bad idea are judging you. It’s very difficult to avoid peer pressure completely because socializing is part of being a teen. When the only thing you want is to be part of a group, it often seems impossible to walk away.

You know the difference between right and wrong. If you think about avoiding peer pressure as a matter of weighing right and wrong, it may be easier to figure out what to do. Is sparing a friend’s feelings worth trying drugs? Is fitting in with a crowd worth getting arrested for?

When a group of teens is engaging in bad activities, there usually is at least one teen who wants to say no. If one person is strong enough to speak out against the activity, the chances are that others will follow. That person could be you.

If no doesn’t work, you can always just walk away and be you. You can chose the you you want to be. Not the you others want you to be.